Makes Good on Appointment

The City Council endeavored to make good on its promise to bring in a creative thinker to head up the Cultural Council by approving Gretchen Pearl as the director with a vote of 9 to 2. Ms. Pearl will step into the role May 12, replacing interim director Tom McDermott who is stepping down over allegations of misappropriated contracts.

Year-End Events

Bryant Temple A.M.E.

Watch Night Service

2500 W. Vernon Ave.

Dec. 31st 8pm - 10pm

Where We Are Headed

Anyone that’s lived in the area for more than a couple years knows the city is in growth mode. Just about everywhere you turn new buildings are popping up, people are moving in, and communities are reinventing themselves. This is leading to city planners and development agencies to start poring over growth statistics and community information like never before.

Kingdom Day Parade 2018

Where is West Adams?

West Adams is one of the many communities which make up Los Angeles.  Technically the boundaries are North- Washington Blvd., South-Jefferson Blvd., West-Crenshaw Blvd., East-Vermont Blvd.  The community was developed in the late 1800's as Los Angeles started to grow.  Because of its close proximty many businesspeople and those of influence built mansions and other properties so they could be close to downtown.  The community has seen population shifts such as wealthy land barrons who built grand victorian style residences, yet even though the original occupants moved on the properties have remained a crown jewel that helped distinquish West Adams.  Additionally as civil rights became a prominent issue in the 50's and 60's the result was "White Flight" which opened to door to minority residents, primarily African-Americans.  Another shift occurred in the 80's as Latinos became the dominant group.  As real estate prices escalated across Los Angeles, gentrification crept in and many Whites and others groups have found a safe haven, in addition to affordable properties right in West Adams.  Today the community is very multi-cultural and while gentrification has occurred it is home to a diverse population.